Meet Rachel

Hi! I'm Rachel - career coach, author, facilitator and speaker.

Before making my very own career pivot, I reported and presented for the BBC for over twenty years. Starting out as a keen young reporter for local TV and radio, I moved to BBC Radio 4's You and Yours and Woman's Hour and then spent more than a decade presenting for the organisation's flagship 24-hour news channel.

When it felt like there was too much that wasn't working - practically and in terms of my own job fulfilment - I did what you're doing.

I started investigating. What else could I do with the skills I had? What felt possible? Meaningful? Financially viable? And how the hell would I make a change happen and explain it to other people?

Working that out took time, energy and honesty. It let me to where I am now - a fully qualified and ICF accredited coach, using the techniques and frameworks I was trained in and my own career change journey to support others.

Because I know what's needed to move you forwards, the classic mistakes you're making and the weird alternating swings of motivation and overwhelm that hit you along the way.

My book "The Career Change Guide: Five Steps to Finding Your Dream Job" was published by Penguin in 2023.

I work with private clients and also run corporate workshops and coaching groups within women's leadership programmes for the brilliant DEI consultancy, Shape Talent.

I'm an experienced event host, speaker and facilitator.

I live in London with my husband and two teenage daughters.

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